Greetings, REGIST-Listers

I'm Jim Greene, University Registrar Emeritus, Georgia State 
University and the host list owner for REGIST-L for the past 9-10 
years. Like many of your institutions, Georgia State frowns on 
supporting commercial activities and vendors on discussion lists like 
REGIST-L which the university provides gratis to the educational 

Consequently, to maintain GSU support for REGIST-L (which 
is a bigger job and expense than one might imagine), we do not allow 
vendors or any organization or individual offering a product or 
service for sale, including subscriptions, memberships, etc. to post 
messages to REGIST-L. Individuals and organizations involved in 
higher education and offering products and services for higher 
education are welcome to monitor the list discussions as long as they 
observe this limitation. If in doubt about the appropriateness of 
posting to REGIST-L, please contact one of the list co-owners for clarification.  - Janet - Charles - Bonnie - Paul 

To preserve REGIST-L as the valuable resource that it is to enrollment
services professionals and REGIST-L subscribers, violations will 
result in permanent exclusion from the list. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Best personal regards,


James E. Greene, Jr., Ph.D. University Registrar Emeritus
Georgia State University