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Kara Young's story

Kara Young's story

Family Weekend: sharing my experience

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family weekendFamily Weekend was a BLAST! It had gotten to that point in the semester when I could confidently say that I missed my family. I was so excited that they were coming for Samford's FamilyWeekend. My family includes my mom, dad, and 2 "sisters" (who are both foreign exchange students living with us this year) as well asmy older brother, who is also a student at Samford. 

Samford did a wonderful job at making the weekend full of activities but also relaxing. There was a family breakfast Saturday morning where a video of Samford students (that I actually got to be a part of) was shown. The link is below to view the video. 

That was followed by a fun family-tailgate in preparation for Samford's last home football game. I loved being able to introduce my new friends to my family. The food and fellowship at each tent was plentiful! 

Because my family was all together.. we even got to take our Christmas card picture on Samford's beautiful campus all wearing Samford t-shirts!

At this point in the year, I feel as if the students at Samford have become more of a close community. I love being able to walk around any part of campus and always see someone I now know. Having our families at Samford made the community-feel even greater. I thank the Lord for my new friends, new school, and this new season of life. I thank Him for the family I've been blessed with, and for the fact that they are still a huge part of my life despite the new phase of life I am in. 

Family Weekend has been one of my favorite events so far. I have always had a very good and close relationship with each member of my family, so LOVED having them around for the weekend. 

Family fellowship and family fun, I'd say it was asuccess!

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