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Intramural Sports

flag football

I love sports, so I definitely knew I wanted to get involved in intramural sports this semester.  So, about a week after getting here, my residence assistant (RA) mentioned getting together a flag football team, and I jumped at the opportunity.  During the first game, my team was very confused; it was ugly!  Let me tell you, flag football rules are very different from normal football rules.  As a team full of freshmen, we had no idea what was going on!  But as the game continued, we started catching on and began to hold our own. From that game on, we played almost every games closely, finishing with a 3-3 record.  We lost in the second round of the playoffs by a touchdown. 

While the games were fun, it was even more fun getting to know my hallmates and RA.  Before the season, I barely knew the names of anyone living on my hall.  Now, I know almost everyone on my hall.  Whenever I am walking to my room, I almost always see someone and stop to talk.  It amazed me how much I got to know about my hallmates through flag football.  I would definitely recommend intramural sports to every incoming freshman. Not only is it great exercise, but it also is a great way to get to know people in a more laid-back, fun environment.

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