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Semi Formal: boots and bow-ties

semiAt this beginning of the year, I wrote about my experience going through Sorority Recruitment. It is hard to believe that this year has flown by so quickly, but what a good year it has been. I have thoroughly enjoyed this year with my sorority and have grown so much. It has been such a blessing to be a part of a group of girls that share a common bond! The sisterhood is my favorite part of being in a sorority, but there are also so many fun events that we get to attend throughout the year. With that said, our semi-formal hasbeen one of my favorites. It'snot as dressy as formal and is a little more laid back. Semi-formal is also a special time because it is the last event for us to share with the senior girls. 

Whenever I get a chance to dress up, I'm all about it. Getting ready beforehand was almost as enjoyable as the actual event. Hair, makeup, and dresses filled the room. It was such a fun time as my friends and I talked about the year behind us and what is to come in the future. I loved getting to getready with some of my best friends. 

Once everyone was ready, it was time for pictures. All of the girls walked down the Vail Hall grand stairwell to find our dates waiting for us. We then proceeded to put on a massive photo shoot. I think every picture that could have been taken was shot: just the girls, both girls and guys, dates, groups of us in 3's and 4's, smiling faces, funny faces, hand on the hip, and throwing our sorority sign.......let's just say I had plenty of options for a new profile picture! 

Our group consisted of eight couples, so we took up a pretty good space in the restaurant! What was great about the group was that it was very dynamic. We had a lot of personalities and not everyone in the group knew each other. It was a great way to meet new people. After dinner, we were all really ready to get out on the dance floor. When I came to Samford last fall, I had no idea how big of a deal swing dancing is. At every sorority event I have attended so far, it is the thing to do! My date happened to be a particularly amazing swing dancer, so I learned a lot of new steps. At some points, I couldn't believe how fast I was spinning around on the dance floor! Swing dancing has now become one of my favorite things! 

Looking back, semi formal was a perfect night, surrounded by great sisters and friends, music, and dancing. This special time made me appreciate my amazing school and community even more! Freshman year has been great; I cannot wait to see how the Lord leads over the next three years. 
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