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Meet Austin Ferrer!

Well, hello! My name is Austin Gabriel Ferrer Piran Basualdo and I am from Bradenton, Florida. Do not panic! You will have an easier time reading and understanding my blog than pronouncing my Argentinian three last names.

What an incredible honor it is for me to be a part of the blogging team here at Samford and have the opportunity to reach out to you by sharing my experiences as a Freshman student. My hope is that you would have some questions answered, avoid possible mistakes that I may have already made, and realize that I am just an ordinary student allowing Christ to do His magnificent work through my life here at Samford.

As many of you are currently experiencing or will soon realize,choosing a place to call your new home for the next four years is certainly not easy. Thankfully, you are not alone as you become used to your new environment or in this decision process! For some of you, this road to college may already be set in stone and mapped out in your mind - that is where I was. Only the place I had mapped out was not Samford University, but it was on God's map forme.

As early as my sophomore year at Bradenton Christian School, I became involved in leadership organizations. I continued this track during my junior year and was eventually nominated Class President.To finish off my high school chapter, I had the privileged experience of serving as Student Body President including giving our commencement speech at graduation. Most excitingly for me, I served as a Captain on two varsity sports, Tennis and Football. I say these things not to boast, but to show you that leadership, my absolute passion and focus in high school, was eventually going to be stripped from me as I handed Christ the reigns to deciding my future home. As prepared and qualified as I had worked to become, I quickly realized that my focus had been within, and away from the One who had paved the way.

After months of denied calls and deleted emails from Samford, the Lord had His way, and I found myself on a road trip to Birmingham, Alabama. On the way up, I realized just how far away I was from my original college plan just a few months ago. The road map I had laid out was completely different than the path I was inevitably supposed to be on.

During my first official visit, after I had walked around the beautiful campus, I found myself sitting across the room from the Chair of the Journalism and Mass Communications department, Dr. Bernie Ankney, who was patiently leading me through the process of potentially joining his department at Samford. He handed me his personal contact information, including even his cell phone number,and encouraged me to call him at any time with any sort ofquestions. The personal attention and passion for teaching coupled with a love for the Lord showed me that the people at Samford were genuine and were only here to help make this experience remarkable.

With nearly three weeks under my belt, I can confidently say that I have already fallen in love with my new home. Pictures of the magnificent campus, countless positive reviews of Samford online, and even having my own blog cannot accurately describe all that Samford has to offer. Although I am still in the midst of transition, I could not be happier with the community, classmates,and campus I will be surrounded by in these next four years.

I really am thrilled about sharing my journey and look forward to spending time with so many of you in this upcoming year! If you have any questions or simply want to connect, feel free to email me and I will be sure to get back. On a last note, I would encourage you to let go and let God take the reigns. He will not only guide you, but will also set you on a path full of joy, excitement, and fulfillment!

Until next time, Austin F.
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