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Dorm Life: A New Home

I’ve now been here for three months and I am having an absolute blast! From sorority functions to all of the campus ministries offered there is always something fun to do. Even with all there is to offer, one of my favorite things is to get to spend time with all of my friends in the dorm. 

No matter what time of the day, there will always be someone on the hall to hang out with. Whether you want to relax or cook a meal in the kitchen, you will always have someone to do it with you. The resident assistant’s are also great at planning all kinds of fun things for your hall. Mine for example have made crafts, gone out to eat, and gone roller-skating. To say that I just like my hall would be an understatement. Some of my best friends are on this hall and I am so thankful for it. Abbie's New Home

Another great thing is that it goes beyond just your own hall into the rest of the dorm. You quickly find where all your friends are and its always fun to go visit them. A lot of times a big group of people will go hang out in the lobby and watch a movie, play games, or make cookies. However, I have to say one of my favorite things is being able to help each other get ready for whatever kind of function people may have. Need an outfit? That’s easy, because you’re living with all girls who are bound to have what you are looking for. 

Another aspect to living in the dorm is that you are able to come back to your room and relax whenever you want to. One of the best things is that you are able to decorate your room however you prefer, so you always know you are coming back to a part of you. Morning and afternoon naps are the best, and they are usually easy to work with because people have different schedules. It’s also a quiet place to come to study or finish a paper or whatever else needs to be done. 

Now everyone may be wondering about the bathroom situation. I have to admit I was a little scared about the idea of a community bathroom before I got here. However, it has actually been really nice. The first thing is that you never have to clean it, and trust me with busy schedules that is not so easy to find time for. Instead, they are cleaned daily and are always ready to be used. Additionally, there is never a wait for a shower because everyone has different schedules. 

All in all, I love the dorm life. Even though there is constantly awesome things to do around campus it is definitely always nice to get to come back to a quite and comfortable place where you can get stuff done and hang out with friends. I hope that you will also find this the case, and come to love every part of Samford as much as I do.

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