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Spiritual Life at Samford

Coming into my first year at Samford, I can remember praying to God about a multitude of things that were on my heart, including my few worries I had about coming into college. In particular I asked for God a male mentor who could direct me in my walk with Christ. The second was that he would bless me with a strong group of Christian guy friends. I felt that considering the Christian environment I knew Samford already had, this wouldn’t be particularly hard. However, I didn’t recognize how much He would bless me.

Worship Leadership Community

I knew coming into Samford that I wanted to do something with worship leadership, and lucky for me Eric Mathis heads up an entire curriculum for majoring and minoring in worship leadership at Samford. I met with him by accident on a visit in the spring, and throughout the entire summer he pointed me in a direction of where I want to be heading, informing me of not only the kinds of classes I would want to take, but also of different opportunities to lead at several churches. He advised me to take an “Intro to Worship Leadership” class that teaches you the foundations of being a strong worship leader. Before I was even a student at Samford, I had someone looking out for me. One of the first examples of how God blessed me coming here.

During my first few weeks of school, I found myself involved with an abundance of ministries. Whether it was having the opportunity to go downtown and minister to homeless, or if it was having a time of prayer with a group of friends early in the morning, I found Christ to be present. I was going to all of the different campus ministries Samford offers, and even began running the audio for one of them. The amount of people who want to invest into student's spiritual life at Samford is phenomenal. It’s what makes Samford, Samford.

Because of my involvement and longing for growth as a worship leader, I got involved in a cadre for worship leaders. It is a Worship Leadership Community (WLC) that is lead by a campus minister, Brian Pitts. It is a time for us to chat about what God is doing in our lives, and have the opportunity to pray over each other. We challenge each other to grow as young men and women as well as Christians. 
Through the WLC community, I was able to meet a few upperclassman guys who began to pour into me in so many different ways. When I decided to join a fraternity, I really began to dig deep into those relationships. I ended up joining a fraternity and really began to understand what it means to invest into a relationship. These guys I have the privilege of calling brothers are by far some of the best guys I know. They are strong Christian guys that were God’s answer to my prayers.

Samford has so many outlets to dive into your spiritual life, and you can take them or leave them. It is evident that God is present on this campus far beyond just the motto “For God. For Learning. Forever.” You can see the works that He does on campus, and feel his presence from the moment you drive onto campus through the gates for the first time. It's what makes Samford, Samford.

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