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After three classes and two hours of Step Sing practice, my spring semester was up and running in full swing! Before finishing up some Monday night homework, my roommate, Andy, and I turned on the weather channel in hopes of hearing our prayers answered – we just wanted a LITTLE bit of snowfall. For two Florida boys, the chance of seeing snow is about as… actually MORE exciting than Christmas morning. Keep in mind that Andy and I had never seen snow come down before. With only a 30% chance of snow, the meteorologist said that even if snow were to come down, it would only be a “light dusting.”

By 1pm Tuesday afternoon, a state of emergency for the state of Alabama had been declared and nearly every major road, store, and school was closed – the “light dusting” quickly turned into a blizzard (from my Sunshine State perspective) and caused the infamous snowpocalypse at Samford. snow

9:45 AM Tuesday Morning:
“ANDY! ANDY! Wake up! It’s snowing outside!”

Within six minutes of waking up, I had put on four layers of clothing and sprinted outside to try and capture every snowflake that fell with my camera. Andy quickly followed behind and we drove to the coveted Mr. Beeson statue in order to get some pictures with him. By 11:00, all classes had been cancelled and the Samford campus had been layered with three inches of snow. Unable to drive the truck back, Andy and I rushed to the newest Samford playground – the football field –where hundreds of students brought their own forms of sleds in order to slide down the slopes that surrounded the field.

Although the fun had just begun for us students (as classes were eventually cancelled until the following week) the work had just begun for the Samford faculty, staff, and administration. Due to closed roads and extremely dangerous conditions, numerous amounts of employees were forced to sleep on campus – either in the gymnasium, food court, or even their own offices – until they were able to return home. Students from all over campus offered up available rooms and commodities to help out any member in need. Although classes were cancelled, the cafeteria remained open as the employees who were stranded on campus worked harder than ever to provide for the students and faculty left on campus.

From the sled rides down the football field to snowball fights on the quad, the Samford snowpocalypse gave me just one more thrilling memory at the most beautiful campus in the world. Most importantly, the gracious students who offered up help and the tirelessly working employees who kept us safe and fed reminded me of the love and family- like atmosphere that Samford students and employees display on a daily basis.

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