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Being an Athlete

Samford Athletics contributes a lot to Samford as a whole. From tailgating at football games to cheering on the basketball teams, Samford students find themselves around athletic events all the time. Although watching the events are great, being a part of an athletic team has added even more to my personal Samford experience.

Before I got here, I have to admit I was a little nervous about the commitment of being a college athlete. While I love to run, I was also looking for other, more normal, activities to be involved with around campus. I couldn’t be any happier with how it has all worked out. 

As a student athlete, I feel like I have the best of both worlds. Even though athletics take up a lot of time, I still have time to do other things I enjoy. One thing that sets Samford apart from other colleges is the fact that I am able to easily be a part of a sorority, be involved with number campus activities and organizations, as well as spend time with all of my friends.

 athletes Another thing I was a little worried about was how I was going to be able to balance all of these things out with school. While all of these things are great and help make my experience better, my first priority is school. One of the great things about Samford are the small class sizes which allow the professors to really get to know their students. If students are struggling for any reason, it is so easy to stop by the professor’s offices and ask them for help. They all really do want the best for their students and take extra time out of their days to make sure the needs of their students are being met. 

During the season, I have to miss a lot of days to travel and compete. I thought this was going to make me fall behind on my grades, but actually the opposite has happened. My professors are all supporters of Samford Athletics and are very understanding when I have to miss classes. By letting my professors know when I will be out of class, I am able to get all of the notes I may miss.

I have loved getting to know all of the different people that are involved with these various activities. I love getting to have my athlete friends, my sorority friends, and not feeling like I have to limit myself to one group of people. Being a student athlete here at Samford has really helped me grow as an individual. It has challenged me to use my time wisely, and truly invest in everything that I do. I have loved all of the opportunities I have had so far and I can’t wait for what is to come.

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