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Kara: My Story

Hi! My name is Kara Young, and I am from Tupelo, MS. I am so honored to be able to write for the "Samford Stories: Chapter 1" blog here at Samford University. To begin, I wanted to tell you a little about myself in hopes of you seeing that I am a normal person and possibly a lot like you.

Kara_MyStory3I was at a young age when I accepted Jesus to be the Lord of my life. By far, that decision has been the most important one, for my life changed completely in an incredible way. On another note, I love to sing and have grown up doing it. I was always "that girl" that sang non-stop at school, at home or during every car ride to my next activity. When I was in middle school, I began to play the acoustic guitar and still love it. Loving Jesus and being musically inclined, I began to help with FCA worship on Thursday mornings. Little did I know at the time, the simplicity of learning more about worship that year was the beginning to something beautiful. 

I was a sophomore in high school when I began to lead worship a lot. The Lord truly gave me such a peace and taught me so much about magnifying His name and leading others to do so as well. I learned quickly that worship was not being able to play guitar and sing Christian songs, but something much more. He began to give me opportunitiesto lead for DNOWs, retreats, camps, etc… His faithfulness is overwhelming. 

My senior year at Tupelo High School came, and I had the opportunity to record an album of original songs. Never in my life did I think the Lord would ask me to share my own worship songs with others, but He did, and obedience was the only answer. 

During my junior and senior years, I found out more and more about Samford through my brother, who is a current senior. On my official visit, the news of Samford’s new worship leadership minor got my attention, and that was it. This was the Lord's way of saying,"Kara, this school is my plan for you." 

All of my life I have struggled with learning disabilities and academics. Knowing that Samford is a high education-driven school, I was a little hesitant to answer His call and to the idea of being a student. But if you know the Lord, His plan always wins. 

I absolutely love Samford. As I sit in my new room and type this blog, it is my first week. Already, I can truly say that I love this school and cannot wait to see what the next four years will hold. I love my classes on worship leadership and am thankful for the opportunities I have already been given to plug in and lead others to worship Christ here in Birmingham. Not only that, but I am doing great so far in my other academic classes. (College is not as scary as everyone makes it out to be.) 

Of course I'm still adjusting to being in a new state and community, but I am excited that you get to walk through this journey with me. I hope that my future blogs about events at Samford can be helpful to you in seeking the Lord's plan for you after high school. 



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