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Meet our Samford Tour Guides!  These students lead our weekly campus tours.  Here you can meet each of our tour guides and hear about their personal experiences at Samford.  Feel free to click on a tour guide’s name to send an email message.
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    Victoria Batson

    Hometown: Clarksville, TN
    Major: Economics and Finance
    Fun fact: My favorite food is Chocolate-covered Strawberries
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    Favorite experience: STEPSING!

    Advice: Spend the night with a current student! It lets you see how genuine the students and community really are, and it's what convinced me that Samford was the place for me!

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    Taylor Biedermann

    Hometown: Cumming, GA
    Major: Early Childhood Elementary Education
    Fun fact: I love the color coral!
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    Favorite experience: My Favorite Samford Experience/Tradition would be Welcome Back Week in the fall. There is nothing better than reuniting and catching up with friends after summer to celebrate the start of another school year!

    Advice: Get involved and don't be afraid to meet new people! Getting involved on campus opens so many other doors and opportunities. Invest and get to know people around you. The community you find in college is such a big part of your experience! Be present and enjoy the current season of your life.

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    Meg Boothe

    Hometown: Columbus, OH
    Major: Pharmacy
    Fun fact: I have met Michael Phelps multiple times.
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    Favorite experience: Connections weekend! Connections is when freshman move in a weekend early before everyone else on campus and when I truly fell in love with Samford. Let by 2 upperclassmen, connections groups spend time bonding, laughing, and learning what it means to be a student at Samford University. Connections was a time for me to meet other freshman, explore campus, and feel like I made the best college decision I possibly could have made!

    Advice: From the time you set foot on campus--you have a fresh start. Talk to people that are different from you. Join a club. Branch out of your comfort zone. The experiences you get from going outside of what you have known your whole life will be the most enriching to your college experience.

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    Cameron Cross

    Hometown: Buford, GA
    Major: Journalism and Mass Communication
    Fun fact: I was a baby model growing up.
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    Favorite experience: My favorite Samford experience would have to be living in the freshman dorms every year so far in college. I have had the privilege of serving as a freshman boys Resident Assistant for the last two years. It is awesome getting to pour into freshman on a daily basis.

    Advice: Learn time management really fast. This may sound silly, but here at Samford we have so many incredible things to get plugged into. You will be very tempted to want to try everything that you can get involved in on campus. Take it from a guy that played on twenty four different intramural teams my freshman year, that is the most stressful thing you can do to yourself. My advice would be to choose a couple things you really want to get involved in, then put everything you have into those things.

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    Alyson Heaney

    Hometown: San Diego, CA
    Major: Nursing
    Fun fact: I love marshmallow Peeps, especially after they're stale from sitting out :)
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    Favorite experience: My favorite Samford experience is Hanging of the Green and Lighting of the Way. This wonderful tradition brings out the Christmas Spirit in students and faculty across campus and is a wonderful way to recognize the coming of the birth of Christ.

    Advice: """Be where you are.""College is a time of exploration and full of countless opportunities. As you start getting deeper into your academics it will get more difficult to juggle all of the activities you want to be involved with. Try to be selective and fully invest in a few of those activities so you can devote your time and be successful in all areas of involvement in academic, spiritual, and extracurricular activities."

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    Annaleigh Horton

    Hometown: Nolensville, TN
    Major: Communication Studies
    Fun fact: I have been a flower girl in seven weddings.
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    Favorite experience: My favorite memory thus far at Samford was when my freshman class made a giant slip-n-slide down Vail hill after it had been raining all week. We were soaking wet and muddy but we had such a fun time just hanging out together. Get to know the people in your class; chances are, they're pretty awesome!

    Advice: Introduce yourself! College is a time for learning but also for connections. Samford offers many opportunities to grow personally, spiritually, and professionally. Get out there, meet people, make friends, and have fun!

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    Brad Hulker

    Hometown: Franklin, TN
    Major: Accounting
    Fun fact: I have preached a sermon in Brazil.
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    Favorite experience: Winning Step Sing.

    Advice: Don't overcommit to everything. Just involve yourself deeply in a couple things.

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    Lauren Hutchens

    Hometown: Boca Raton, FL
    Major: Jounalism and Mass Communication
    Fun fact: I came to Samford after meeting an SU student in a hot spring in Costa Rica
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    Favorite experience: Step Sing! Step Sing practices are a great way to get to know people within your organization, and there's nothing better than some good, competitive fun.

    Advice: Picture yourself on campus and look around--these are the people you could be spending the next (and best) four years of your life with!

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    Courtney Ingram

    Hometown: Knoxville, TN
    Major: Pharmacy
    Fun fact: I once met Zach Efron!
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    Favorite experience: My favorite samford experience would probably be Step Sing! I loved getting to know people in my organization better and seeing other Samford students performing- which is something I normally wouldn't see!

    Advice: I would say don't be afraid to talk and get to know upper classmen. They are ready to invest in younger students and excited to see the new faces around Samford!

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    Grace Mintz

    Hometown: Birmingham, AL
    Major: Elementary Education
    Fun fact: I met Aaron Carter in NYC and started singing "I Want Candy"
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    Favorite experience: Samford homecoming week- whether it's tailgating, parades, football games, bonfires, big concerts, or our school wide dance!

    Advice: Get to know your admissions counselor- they will be your biggest advocate and most helpful source of information!

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    Cole Moffett

    Hometown: Birmingham, AL
    Major: Finance
    Fun fact: Addicted to Cheez-its.
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    Favorite experience: My favorite experience happened the Fall of my Sophomore year. We were playing UTC in football. The winner of the game would be the conference champions for the SoCon. The game ended up going to triple over time and we wont the game on a 40 yard field goal! We ended up storming the field and it was an incredible experience!

    Advice: Come visit on a tour! It's a great way to travel (and skip school) and have a first hand experience with our beautiful campus. Samford is located within Birmingham which is a great city full of life. You won't regret it, I promise!

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    Stephan Reach

    Hometown: Birmingham, AL
    Major: Pharmacy
    Fun fact: I love pizza! It's my favorite food, but I unfortunately don't eat it everyday.
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    Favorite experience: Step Sing 2014! I was in Dudes-A-Plenty and I made tons of friends and learned a lot about myself and classmates. It was a blast!

    Advice: Always pursue God's will for your life. If you are seeking to fulfill His plans then nothing can keep you from your goal. You will have no excuses or regrets. Also, enjoy the process of building the foundation of your life! Bow Wow Bulldogs and God bless!

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    Lauren Sims

    Hometown: Wildwood, GA
    Major: Journalism & Mass Communication/Spanish
    Fun fact: I try to rescue every animal that I think needs a home.
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    Favorite experience: My favorite Samford experience has been living in the freshmen girls' dorm, Vail, as a Resident Assistant! Creating a community on a hall of girls that had no connections beforehand is so awesome! I've loved getting to know each one of my girls through hall activities, CAF meals, and just hanging out on the hall.

    Advice: Everyone's advice is always to get plugged in, and that's great! I would also suggest that you remember that the little things are important as well- get some rest, separate your lights in darks in the washing machine, call home often, never go to the Caf alone, and don't be intimidated by upperclassman.

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    Lauren Speakman

    Hometown: Auburn, AL
    Major: Nutrition/Dietetics
    Fun fact: I have been to over 20 different countries.
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    Favorite experience: My friend and I participated in a Easter Egg scavenger hunt that was facilitated by the secret society on campus, and at the end we got to see them in person!

    Advice: Get to know your admissions counselors! They will be your biggest help in applying for scholarships. My relationship with my admissions counselor was one of the reasons I ended up at Samford because it showed me how friendly the Samford community is!

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    Mary Kate Thomas

    Hometown: Memphis, TN
    Major: Marketing
    Fun fact: My freshman year roommate was named Ashley, so we were MaryKate and Ashley.
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    Favorite experience: Living in Vail Freshman year - I got to meet so many people and the community really lifted me up!

    Advice: Don't worry about choosing a college, it'll choose you!

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