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Lowell C. Vann  Professor

Lowell Vann
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Phone: (205) 726-2849
Fax: 726-4547
Office: Swearingen Hall 111

A.B., Samford University
M.F.A., The University of Alabama
Ph.D., Florida State University
Biographical Information

During his formative years at old Howard College, Lowell Vann was introduced to abstract expressionism by his teacher William Walmsley whose tutelage and Vann's experience of painting for three years with two friends Charles Hand and Albert Pardue gave Vann a thrust into the pure abstraction of the '50s and '60s. Probably the better term is the more contemporary use of the term non-objective.

After teaching in junior and senior high schools Vann went back to study for a master's degree in fine arts at the University of Alabama. There, graduate study had as its core drawing and painting. Study with the painters Goodson, Sella and Price gave Vann an even stronger foundation in non-objectivity. Canvas sizes seldom were less than three feet and eventually reached five to eight feet. Then the classes in watercolor with Richard Brough added the return of realism to Vann's production. He also discovered the area of clay, which evolved into the main area of study for his master's degree thesis exhibit of 1966. This was further enhanced during study at Florida State into techniques of crafts and the history of crafts.

Then Vann began what has turned into three decades of teaching at Samford University. Since 1970, serving as chair of the department of art, it has been his privilege to teach in the studio area—basic design, drawing, painting, crafts and pottery. Vann's own production has often shifted into whatever area with which he was involved  in the classroom for that semester. Recently, this has been a heavy emphasis on production in pottery while still painting 20–25 works annually.