English Proficiency Requirements

English courses are available for graduate students through the English Language Learner Institute (ELLI). Directly admitted students are required to take a business tutoring course through ELLI in their first semester and any subsequent semester they are not in good standing.   For details on the ELLI program please click here

Admission standards

A student must meet both of the following requirements to be admitted directly to the business school:

- A GMAT verbal score above the 20th percentile
- A score of 90 on the iBT TOEFL with at least a 20 on each sub-sector or  a 6.5 on the IELTS

English Courses

English courses are offered in the following subjects:

- Academic Writing [Levels 1 - 4]

- Speaking and Listening [Levels 1 - 4]

- Grammar [Levels 1 - 4]

- Reading [Levels 1 - 4]

- Content Tutoring based on degree program will be required for students in their first semester of the graduate program and any subsequent semester they are not in good standing. 

Completing ELLI Course Requirements 

At the end of each semester, ELLI students will take an assessment test to determine the current level of English proficiency for future course placement.

 Students wishing to exit the ELLI program will be assessed at midterm of the semester prior to exiting the program. At that point, students must meet the following requirements:

·      Students must be in Level 4 on all areas of assessment (Grammar, Listening, Writing, Speaking)

·      a score of 80% or above in all ESL classes

·      fewer than 3 unexcused absences

·      a writing sample and interview approved by ESL instructors