Robert W. Service

Professor of Management

Robert Service

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Phone: 726-2544
Office: Dwight Beeson Hall 300

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With 16 years management experience and six years as a computer programmer and systems analyst, Bill demonstrated his ability as a problem solver, and executive before receiving his Ph.D. in 1993 with concentrations in strategy, statistics, and MIS. In his prior career, he was a Vice President for TRW in Dallas, Texas where he led 250 managers, programmers and analysts under a $15 million annual budget. As a professor, he won the University wide teaching excellence award in his third year of teaching and he has published extensively in areas of strategy, ethics, communications, information systems, innovation, leadership, human resources and teaching among others.

His 2006 book, LQ©: The Leadership Quotient, has received superb reviews on Dr. Service thrives on working with MBAs, undergrads and professionals in their learning.

Bill’s executive experience, his work in London, the Ukraine and contacts with international firms, as well as his current research, consulting and writing make Bill well qualified to educate, evaluate and consult in many areas of organizational development .





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