MBA Course Exemption

Exemption from ACCT 511, ECON 512, and FINC 514 may be awarded with an earned C- or better in an approved undergraduate accounting, economics, or finance course at a regionally accredited institution. MBA Minor courses are not eligible for exemption by any means.

Students without an equivalent business course may attempt to test out of the course. To earn exemption by testing out, a student must earn a 70% on the prerequisite course final exam. Exemption tests are offered during the final exam time slot in December and May. An additional test is offered in August. Students may attempt the exemption test one time before being required to take the course. The prerequisite course syllabus is provided to the student as a study guide. The fee for each exemption test is $100 payable to the Brock School of Business upon registration for the test. Students must register for the exam by the deadline determined each term.

See the Academic Programs Office for further details.