Press Release: Samford’s Brock School of Business formally admits business students in Second Annual Rite of Passage Ceremony



Birmingham, Ala. –Samford University’s Brock School of Business formally admitted 94 business students inits Second Annual ‘Rite of Passage’ Ceremony on Nov. 2 at Samford’s Reid Chapel.  The ceremony marks a student’s transition into the upper level coursework at the Brock School of Business.   Students participating in the ceremony vow publicly to uphold the mission and values of the Brock School of Business.

“The standards, academic quality and ethicsof the Brock School that we expect from our business students are part of this public ceremony,” said Dean Howard Finch. “The integrity of and professionalism of our students also is recognized and they make a vow to uphold the traditions and values of Samford now and in the future.”    

Finch added that the ceremony was initiated by the Brock School faculty in order to celebrate business students’ completion of their pre-business courses and their dedication and commitment to the core values and mission of the Brock School.

During the ceremony, Katie Murnane, a 2007 graduate, made the Brock School of Business Legacy address in which she told the students that she was grateful for her professors who provided her guidance in her choice to major in accounting.   “They prepared me for my career in accounting and I also considered them my mentors and friends,” said Murnane, of Ernst & Young.

Current student, Chad Fritzche told the students that their hard work will be rewarded and that their internships will enable them to utilize the business principles that they learn in the classroom.   He added, “Do not be afraid to change your path and don’t forget who you truly are.  You can intertwine your passion in life andyour career with what you learn at the Brock School.  Your passion and knowledge will help you change the world.”

Dean Finch concluded by charging the students to accept their responsibility as business students to live by the Brock School’ core beliefs, which will enable them to become influential leaders in the business world

Brock School Mission: Brock School of Business at Samford University delivers lifelong education to its constituents through quality teaching, meaningful scholarship and servant relationships, imbued by its Christian commitment.

 Brock School Vision: Brock School of Business at Samford University is a recognized leader and school of choice amonginstitutions offering undergraduate and graduate business education informed by Christian principles.      

About the Brock School of Business: 

Samford University’s Brock School of Business has a long history of achievements in business education. The university has offered degrees in business and commerce since 1922.  In 1965, the School of Business was established to offer both bachelors and masters degrees in business.  It was formally named the Brock School in 2007 for Birmingham banker and Samford trustee Harry B.Brock Jr., reflecting his long career in business and his commitment to high quality business and entrepreneurship education. The Brock School of Business holds AACSB Accreditation, the benchmark of quality worldwide and the most widely sought after standard of excellence by U.S. business schools.