Accounting Internship

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 The Accounting Internship Program is intended to give students a learning opportunity to apply their accounting, auditing, tax, and business knowledge in a real world setting.

What is an accounting internship?

  • Experiential Education designed to provide a student with the opportunity to gain practical experience in a professional work environment while extending the classroom into the workplace
  • Business Laboratory setting offering a mentor as lab instructor
  • Faculty Supervision and assessment of learning experience
  • Applied Learning in accounting, auditing, tax
  • Hands-On Practice of 250 hours during semester
  • Networking potential for professional contacts
  • Academic Credit three hours of accounting credit
  • Placements both domestic and international
  • Transitional Step between academic setting and the requirements of professional practice
  • Career Exploration and opportunity to clarify lifework goals

What types of accounting internships are available?

Internship opportunities in fields of: public accounting, industry, and government. Opportunities exist at Big Four, regional, local accounting firms, banking, construction, healthcare, municipal government, and school districts.

What are the registration guidelines?

  • Internships must relate and extend previous accounting coursework. The internship must be a LEARNING experience with measurable academic objectives, rather than primarily a work experience.
  • An internship is not to be considered an alternative for core courses in the curriculum.
  • Internships award accounting credit and a grade of Pass/Fail.
  • An internship must be supervised by a faculty sponsor.
  • The sponsoring professor will advise the student regarding the academic foundation of the project and evaluate the experience and assign a grade.
  • Contracts must be registered (submission to Internship Office, DBH 343) by the add date of the semester in which credit is obtained. Internships are available during any of the four Samford University terms.
  • The maximum credit during any one semester is 3 credit hours. The student should work at least 250 hours during the internship.
  • An internship position should be sought during the semester preceding participation in the program. The recruiting process generally begins with the “Accounting Night” program. Students are responsible for registering and meeting the requirements of Career Planning and Placement if they desire to use the services of Career Planning and Placement for on-campus interviews.
  • Students are responsible for obtaining their own internship firm or business sponsor.
  • Students will be evaluated by both the firm or business, as well as faculty sponsor. The faculty sponsor assigns the grade on the basis of evaluation by the site supervisor.
  • The intern's compensation will be established by the employer.
  • If the student wishes to make application for an internship in the location of already existing employment, convincing evidence must be presented that the internship moves the experience beyond normal duties into new and educationally profitable areas.
  • An internship in the family-owned business of the student's family is not acceptable.

What are the basic course requirements?

Acct 496/555 Accounting Internship (3 credits)
Academic credit may be awarded for students who complete accounting internships with local firms or businesses. Students should see th Chair of the Accounting Program for eligibility parameters. Prerequisite: Permission from the Chair of the Accounting Program. Graded: Pass/Fail.