Fitness Classes

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Class Descriptions

Classes are open to anyone. Classes will meet in room 108 Seibert Gym. If you need directions come to the Campus Rec office.

Boot Camp

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 This class is training clients through intense workouts of an hour. The structure of the workout is in a circuit form. Clients are made to perform cardiovascular exercises & strength enhancing exercises in an alternative manner.

Boot Camp classes are generally held outdoors & encapsulate various outdoor elements such as ledges, hills and stairs. Typical boot camp fitness exercises include squats, push-ups, jogging and lifting weights.

For this class you will need to bring a mat, weights, gloves and water.


This program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one of a kind fitness program that will blow you away. The goal is simple: we want you to want to work out, to love working out, to get hooked. This is an absolute blast of one hour of calorie-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate for life!!!

Spin Cycle

Jump on a bike and channel your inner Lance Armstrong in this instructor led class.


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 Does your school work have you stressed? Are you wanting to start on the path to a healthy life style? Come to our yoga class and relieve the stresses from college life!


Core/Body Toning

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 This class is what it says it is.  We are working on your body to get it ready for the beach.  If abs are what you like, I would suggest checking this class out.