Changing Your Future

I honestly believe that bioinformatics changed my future.
(Lucas Boatwright, Samford University Biology Major, 2011) 

Clark Scholars Program Spring 2011 

First class of graduating Clark Scholars (Spring 2011)
Front Row: Ashley Spann (Biology), Laura Dzugan (Chemistry), Scott Cope (Biology)
Second Row: Josh Moore (Computer Science), Jon Zeiger (Computer Science) 

The Clark Scholars Program at Samford University prepares students for a career in an exciting new area of research at the nexus of biology and computational science. Computational biology unites the fields of biology, computer science, mathematics, and information technology. The ultimate goal of this emerging discipline is the discovery of new biological insights and the creation of a global perspective from which to discover unifying principles in biology, pharmacology, and medicine. 

The Program combines interdisciplinary classes with research experiences and personal mentoring, enhances employment opportunities, and provides significant advantages for those considering graduate school or professional training such as medical school.