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Informal Invitation Guidelines

Developing an Informal Invitation

  • Place Samford's logo at the top.
  • List the name(s) of the host(s). Omit honorifics such as Dr., Mr., Mrs. and Ms. unless the person holds an official rank. The host's title goes on a line beneath the host's name. When there are multiple hosts, the most senior person's name is listed first. The exception to this rule is for the president and spouse (i.e., "President and Mrs. Andrew Westmoreland," no title beneath).
  • Extend the invitation.
    semiformal: "cordially invite(s) you to"
    informal: "invite(s) you to join us"
  • List the event, such as "dinner," a reception" or "lunch."
  • Give the purpose of the event (i.e., "in honor of...").
  • Give the date (i.e., "Friday, February 12").
  • State the time (i.e., "at 7 p.m.").
  • Give the location, including street address. For campus buildings, state the room within the building and the building name. For an off-campus property, state the full name, street address and city.
  • List any special instructions, such as "map enclosed."
  • List R.S.V.P. information. If you are issuing an invitation without a separate response card, print the address and telephone number of the person handling replies. If you are supplying response cards, state "Response card enclosed." Do not list a cutoff date for a reply.

Informal Invitation Sample

Informal Invitation Sample

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