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Sample Logo

The belltower logo is the official, trademarked logo of Samford University.  It should be used on all official university communications, including printed materials, specialty items and web pages.

The belltower logo can be displayed in the following options:

  • PMS 289 blue logo with PMS 200 red stripe
  • All black
  • All PMS 289 blue
  • All white (reversed-out only)

The logo cannot  be used in black with the PMS 200 red stripe or white with the PMS 200 red stripe.

The official Web colors for Samford University are #990000 red and #003366 blue. The logo may be used in red #990000 for web purposes only. 

The typefaces for the belltower logo and word marks are Adobe Garamond semi-bold and Helvetica Neue Extended. No other typefaces may be used with the belltower image and word marks to replace Garamond and Helvetica.

The logo may be resized as needed, but it must maintain its original proportions. Do not stretch the logo horizontally or vertically.

The smallest size allowed for web use is 162 pixels wide by 50 pixels high.

A horizontal version of the logo is available for use with electronic applications only.

Do’s and Don’ts 


  • Use only the electronic logo files provided by university creative services
  • Scale the files proportionally
  • Keep all elements of the logo together as a unit
  • Maintain the minimum size standards
  • Keep the university colors
  • Keep the logo prominent
  • Contact creative services with questions about the proper use of the logo



  • Try to re-create the logo
  • Add names or other type
  • Stretch, squash or otherwise distort the logo
  • Add or take away graphic elements
  • Make the logo too small
  • Change the colors of the logo
  • Put the logo over busy patterns, backgrounds or colors that obscure its readability
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