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Kristin Begley

Kristin Begley, Pharm.D. ’00, is a founding member of Truveris, Inc. As vice president, she is responsible for sales and strategic initiatives utilizing cloud-based technology to facilitate transparency in pharmacy benefit management. Truveris simplifies the complexities of pharmacy financial management and has the only independent (non-PBM owned) pharmacy claims adjudication engine in the United States. Truveris was named by Lazard Capital Markets as 2013’s most disruptive private company in managed care and health-care IT.
Kristin Begley
Prior to Truveris, Dr. Begley led Hewitt’s National Pharmacy Practice, where she designed key strategic initiatives in pharmacy benefit management for Fortune 500 employers. She consulted on a wide variety of pharmacy benefits issues with particular emphasis on financial management, evidence-based benefit strategy and design, biotech/pharmacogenomics, and vendor evaluation. Begley’s experiences include clinical and analytical roles in inpatient and outpatient settings, managed care areas and consulting. She completed a residency in managed care at McWhorter School of Pharmacy, affording her the opportunity to work with Alabama Medicaid and The Oath Health Plan (HMO). Begley also researched, summarized and wrote web postings on current events in managed care with a strong health economics and drug therapy management focus for These roles allowed her to identify areas of opportunity for cost containment and improved member services.

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