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Catherine Henderson

Catherine HendersonCatherine Henderson, Pharm.D. ’09, began her professional career as a community pharmacist at The Medicine Shoppe in Decatur, Ala. In 2011, she moved to The Pill Box Pharmacy, also in Decatur, and started a compounded anti-aging skincare line called SimplySkin Rx. Dr. Henderson serves as president of SimplySkin Rx and is certified in nonsterile and sterile compounding. She is in charge of attaining PCAB accreditation for The Pill Box Pharmacy. She is pursuing a fellowship from the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Functional and Regenerative Medicine, and she remains active in APA and the Advisory Board for McWhorter School of Pharmacy. The focus of her practice is to hold herself and the pharmacy to a standard of excellence, and to empower patients to achieve better health through lifestyle changes and proper use of prescription medications.

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