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academic degrees 
These may be abbreviated in text in most instances. When they are, periods are required: 


People who hold the J.D., or juris doctor, are not called “Dr.” Those who hold the terminal degree in that field—the doctor of juridical science, or J.S.D.—are.

When listing Samford University faculty members, cite only the highest degree attained, plus any relevant professional designation. Common professional designations such as RN and CPA require no periods.
            Jane Smith, Ph.D., RN
            Mary Jones, M.Acc., CPA

For degrees offered by Samford University, please see the university catalog. 

academic divisions, Samford University
See divisions.

academic honors
Cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude and with honors receive no special treatment in straight copy:
            She graduated magna cum laude.

ACT, SAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, MAT, MCAT and other entrance examination titles usually don’t need to be spelled out, even on first reference. Use Arabic numerals in constructions such as SAT-1.

Let pronunciation determine your choice of a or an with abbreviations and acronyms:
            an M.B.A. program 
            a C&BA course 
            an FBI agent 
            an IRS audit
            an IMAX movie

Acronyms and abbreviations almost always are capitalized, but their capitalization doesn’t necessarily mean the words for which they stand must be capitalized when spelled out.

            PBL, problem-based learning

See also academic degrees; course numbers and titles; departments; divisions.

addresses, campus
In most publications, give addresses for Samford University departments and offices as follows:
            Office or department name
            Samford University
            800 Lakeshore Drive
            Birmingham, AL 35229
            205-726-XXXX or toll-free 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX
            205-726-XXXX fax
   (email address)
   (website address)

Phone and fax numbers, email address and website address may be omitted as appropriate.

Note: U.S. Postal Service regulations require Samford University as the first line of the return address in some circumstances.

Always leave off the 1- before telephone or fax numbers, with the exception of toll-free numbers.

AFROTC, Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps 
Samford University's unit is Detachment 012.

athletic and athletics
Use athletic as an adjective to describe someone or something with athletic ability. Use athletics to describe someone or something related to the field of athletics.
            He is an athletic individual.
            He is the director of athletics.
            The athletics program includes 17 sports.

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