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email and web addresses
Present email and web addresses in roman, lowercase* type:

*Some systems are case sensitive. When in doubt, check with the owner of the email or web address.

If the numeral 1 is part of the address, use a typeface in which the numeral is clearly distinguishable from the capital I (i) and lowercase l (L).

Drop http://and/or www.from web addresses if unnecessary. (To ensure correct use of the shortest address possible, type it into a web browser and determine if the correct website displays.)

If possible, avoid breaking email and web addresses, especially at periods or dots. If the address will not fit on a line, don’t add a hyphen or other punctuation. Break after existing punctuation, such hyphens, slashes, double slashes, @ and tildes (~):

            Go to the home page—
            admission—for more information.

            Contact the director via e-mail at jsmith@
   or by phone at 205-726-0000.

If you end a sentence with an email or web address, use end punctuation as needed:
            For more information, email the director at


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