Samford University



off campus/off-campus, on campus/on-campus
Standard hyphenation rules apply to these terms: when used as a modifier, either term must be hyphenated. When campus is used as a noun, drop the hyphen.
            At Samford University, on-campus housing is plentiful and convenient.
            Students who live on campus also find it affordable.
            Off-campus apartments range in cost from $180 to $880.
            That building is located just off campus on Lakeshore Drive.

Capitalize office only when it is part of an official name:
            Office of Admission
            Office of University Advancement 
            Stop by the university relations office for details.

Do not capitalize when used in a general sense or on second reference. Capitalize only when part of the name of an event or program.

Samford's orientation program is known as Bulldog Days.

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