Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the CRC? 
The Communication Resource Center, also known as the CRC, is a free tutoring service for all Samford students. We help students with writing, speaking, and critical reading.
 Is there a charge? 
It's free! The CRC provides free tutoring for any Samford student.
 Where is the CRC? 
The CRC is on the second floor of Brooks Hall, room 222.
 Do I have to make an appointment? 
We operate as a drop-in service, so there is no need to make an appointment. If you wish to make an appointment, however, we will gladly accommodate your request. Just call or stop by the Center to make an appointment.
 How often can I come to the CRC? 
You may come to the CRC as frequently as you like. Each session ranges from 10-30 minutes.
 Do I have to stay or can I just drop off my paper? 
Our role is to help you become a better writer and editor. To do that end, we need  you to talk with us about your paper, asking questions and pointing out your major concerns. We can then help you with global tasks, such as development or organization, and/or more specific tasks, such as APA or MLA style questions and commas. So, come to the CRC when you have at least 15 minutes to work on your paper.