About the Center

The CTLS is a multifaceted resource to assist faculty, staff, administrators, and students in their integration of innovative teaching and learning techniques, and the scholarship of teaching within the University's Christian environment. The CTLS supports the University's distinctive mission of "For God, for learning, forever" by providing general instructional and assessment design assistance, and promoting a climate for faculty, staff, administrators, and students in their pursuit of lifelong learning.

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The CTLS currently operates with one full-time staff member. An advisory board chaired by the CTLS director and composed of faculty and administrators provides overall sanctioning of the Center's operation. Periodic evaluations will be conducted to assess the value of the CTLS on: a) promoting communities of learning and the scholarship of teaching; and c) promoting and disseminating the teaching and learning efforts at Samford University.

Most faculty choose to teach because of a love of knowledge, a love of students, and an innate need to transfer their knowledge to students. Although their content knowledge may be extensive, many faculty have not been educated in the art and science of teaching. By encouraging and motivating faculty to examine their teaching methods and relationships, the CTLS would be cultivating faculty development and student learning. Mentoring, collaborative and active learning are a few of the strategies to enhance this process.

A positive consequence of nurturing faculty is to focus their attention on teaching the "whole person." While stressing academic rigor of teaching and learning at Samford, a major function of the Center is to encourage classrooms that promote all manners of learning. Rigor, nurturance and spirituality could be the shaping agents of training and development activities.

Individual Consultations

The CTLS Director, Assistant ProvostĀ Nancy Biggio, is available for individual consultations with faculty to discuss teaching techniques, course development, and tenure and promotion. In addition, services are available to programs and departments for curriculum development and revision.

The Director of the CTLS serves on the University Curriculum, Academic Affairs, and Academic Technology and Learning Resources Committees.

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