Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Evidence-Based Teaching

Evidence and research can and should impact the practice of professions and educators. Issues pertaining to the implementation and assessment of evidence-based teaching (EBT) as it relates to teaching in higher education include:

  • What kind of evidence is necessary? who obtains it? and how?
  • What kinds of involvement with evidence and research are educators being encouraged to engage in?
  • Do educators improve their practice more (and/or better) when they use others' evidence or when they gather and use their own evidence?
  • Do educators improve their practice more (and/or better) when they impose theory on practice or when they collaboratively and critically examine evidence of their own and each others' practice so as to reconstruct theory (their personal theory and others' theories) and their practice interdependently?
  • Are improvements made when educators adapt their teaching to the ideas of others, or when they adapt with them?

Concurrent with the theories and practice behind the scholarship of teaching and learning, EBT asks educators, individually or within groups, to apply the education research, analyze and then present the results.


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