Problem-Based Learning

Problem Based Learning

The Center for Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and corresponding Web site was established in 1998 in conjunction with two grants from the Pew Charitable Trusts. Since that time, Samford took on the challenge to not only incorporate PBL into various undergraduate programs within the Schools of Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Nursing and Pharmacy, but also to document best models of PBL practice in course portfolios. Many of the initial PBL efforts at Samford were documented in a newsletter, PBL Insight: So solve, to learn, together.

The PBL Center evolved into the Center for Teaching, Learning and Scholarship (CTLS) in 2003. Although the Center's focus has broadened, efforts to enhance student learning through the training, implementation and documentation of PBL and other methods of active, student-centered, collaborative, inquiry-based learning; and to share these practices with other educators continues.

The goal of the associated web pages is to provide administrators, faculty, students, and parents with detailed information on the components, implementation, assessment and documentation of PBL. Websites are specifically separated into PBL's background, process, evaluation, and resources. These pages also contain a guide to relevant workshops and conferences, materials, and links to other institutions that are using PBL in their undergraduate and/or graduate programs.

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