Samford University

Physical Education Policy


In the Core Curriculum of Samford University undergraduate students are required to take the course, 'Concepts of Health and Fitness'. The course requires physical activity that may be impacted by a disability. If academic adjustments are required for physical education students should contact DR.

1. Contact DR to request academic adjustments for physical education requirements

2. Provide DR appropriate documentation of your disability from a qualified professional (see Forms and Documents)

3. Students determined eligible for accommodations in physical education are given a Physical Restrictions form to submit to the qualified professional for completion. 

4. Students should submit completed Physical Restrictions form to DR

5. Upon completion of all processes required for accommodations, DR provides students an Accommodation Memo which includes physical restrictions recommended by the qualified professional.  Students must submit the Accommodation Memo to their professor in order to receive academic adjustments in physical education. 

***DR recommends that students meet with appropriate physical education staff members in the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition Science for assistance with course planning.