Bod Pod

The BOD POD is a device that accurately measures body composition in a few short minutes. There are two types of fat in our bodies: essential fat which is needed for normal body function, and non-essential fat, the extra fat the human body stores and carries around. That non-essential fat or excess body fat is associated with health risks like diabetes and heart disease. The good news is there is a simple way to figure out your body fat. It’s called the BOD POD. Most of us know our total body weight, but not as many of us know our total body fat, which is also important. The BOD POD is an egg-shaped container that measures your body fat. It separates the body weight into fat weight and into lean weight. It is as accurate as underwater weighing, but much easier and less time consuming. For a BOD POD test, you sit in the container while the machine uses computerized pressure sensors to measure how much air is displaced by your body and then from the information taken calculates your body composition. The information is then printed out onto a printout. The entire procedure takes just a couple of minutes.

For a BOD POD Assessment, contact Candi Cole at 205-726-2961