Human Performance Testing/Fitness Assessment

At the Human Performance Laboratory, we provide a variety of fitness assessments to the community, including tests for aerobic fitness, anaerobic capacity, body composition, metabolic rate, and much more. Our lab has state-of-the-art equipment that can provide accurate Assessments and well-trained faculty and staff to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are training for competition, trying to lose weight, or you simply want to know your current fitness status, our Human Performance Testing and Fitness Assessment Program can provide you with valuable information and knowledge.

A list of Assessments follows:


Fitness Package



Cardiorespiratory Fitness (submaximal cycle test)
Body composition (skinfolds)
Muscular Strength and Endurance
Blood Pressure
Basic Exercise Prescription




Endurance Performance Package



VO2max treadmill test
Lactate threshold
Fuel usage at different intensities
Body Composition (skinfolds)
Training consultation




Weight Management Package



Body Composition (Bod Pod)
Resting Metabolic Rate
Fuel Usage During Exercise
Consultation and Exercise Prescription
Nutrition Assessment




Individual Tests



VO2max Test (treadmill or cycle)

Bod Pod

Hydrostatic Weighing

Resting Metabolic Rate

Fuel Usage Assessment (sub-maximal)

Nutrition Assessment

VO2 max and lactate threshold test









Discounts may apply for Samford University employees, students, and alumni. Additionally, discounts may be available for groups.