Recertification or Nondegree Seeking

Thank you for your desire to re-certify your Alabama teaching certificate or to continue your education as a non-degree seeking candidate at Samford University.

We offer a unique opportunity for graduate study at the Master of Science and Educational Specialist levels. The Master of Science and Educational Administration level courses are designed for candidates interested in continuing their education at the graduate level and build on your previous education in your respective education field. M.S.E. and Ed.S. courses will equip current and future school teachers/leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to positively impact student achievement and to lead successful school improvement initiatives. The courses encompass essential competencies for improving schools and increasing student achievement, utilizing research-based “best practices” for adult learners. You may choose to take up to 9 hours towards re-certification or up to 6 hours as a non-degree seeking candidate before being required to complete a full application should you decide to continue your education as a degree-seeking candidate.

We highly encourage all candidates pursuing either of these options to contact the Alabama State Department of Education to be sure you are complying with all ALSDE requirements.