ATHT Additional Admission Requirements

 1. In order to be admitted to the Athletic Training Education Program a student must have completed a course in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and AED (Automatic Electronic Defibrillator). Documentation of completion of this course must be included with application materials.
2. All students entering the Athletic Training Education Program must have reviewed the OSHA/Blood Bourne Pathogens Guidelines included in the application packet. Upon review of the materials, the student must sign the statement indicating that they have reviewed and understand the materials.
During athletic training student orientation a quiz regarding this material will be given after a brief review of the materials.
3. Prospective students should sign the confidentiality statement included with the application materials. This statement informs the students that they may see or hear medical information regarding the health and welfare of a student athlete. Athletic training students are not allowed to discuss medical information with anyone other than the athletic training and sports medicine staff.

Additions to Retention Guidelines:

1. Athletic Training Students are required to submit a current CPR/AED certification card at the beginning of each school year. The certification must be current through the end of that school year.
2. Students will attend a basic review of OSHA guidelines and complete a quiz regarding the information discussed in this review.