Clinical Internships for KINS

 All students in the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition Science are required to participate in at least one internship. The length of the internships ranges from 45-480 hours depending on the student’s major and the number of credits chosen for the internship. Internship sites vary depending on the academic major, and may include, but are not limited to:

  • physician's office 
  • physical therapy or an occupational therapist office  
  • dentist's office
  • sports medicine clinics
  • athletic offices
  • sports training facilities
  • cardiac rehabilitation facilities
  • nutrition clinicals
  • high schools
  • strength and conditioning facilities
  • YMCA facilities
  • fitness facilities
  • physician assistant clinicals
  • sports marketing facilities

“I think internships are instrumental for anyone interested in pursuing a graduate degree or professional position. Not only does it give you first-hand experience in a profession before you dedicate yourself to a career path but it also allows you to start relationships with people who can be extremely influential. When applying for a position, internships show that you are legitimately interested in learning about the subject matter as well as have taken the time to develop an educated decision when choosing a specialty. The internship I did as a Junior solidified my passion for medicine and allowed me to dedicate myself to the application process without any hesitancy. Through this experience I met physicians who were motivated by different aspects of their practice, which influenced me more than I realized. It inspired me to establish exactly what motivated me, and that has helped me to stay grounded and focused on what originally drew me to medicine. The hands on experience allowed me to develop some basic tools, but also cemented much of the knowledge I learned in the classroom. All of this contributed to my confidence and ability to pursue the career I chose. ”
--Cody Penrod, Sports Medicine ‘08, 4th year medical student at University of South Alabama Medical School

 “My internship this summer was such an eye opening, AWESOME experience. It put me out of my comfort zone and made me see the real world from so many different viewpoints. Not only did I have the internship of my dreams, but I got to work with someone I have looked up to my whole entire life, former Coach of the 99' Women's World Cup Championship team and Olympic team Tony DiCicco. I urge other students to go for your dream internship so you can learn what it is like in the real world before you have to actually jump into it. This internship definitely prepared me and led me one step closer to my dream job, especially with all the great connections I made.”
--Kelly Shaffer, Sport Administration ’10

“My internship experience at Samford proved to be one of the most valuable aspects of my undergraduate degree. It provided confirmation from "real-world" experience that I did indeed choose the right career path. Not only did it provide invaluable experience, but it gave me an advantage over fellow "up-and-comers" in the strength and conditioning community. While others graduated and were looking for internships, I was instantly attractive to employers upon graduation because I had multiple internships under my belt in both the private and collegiate strength and conditioning settings. I am thankful that Samford had this focus on outside-the-classroom learning because it made the textbooks come alive and ensured that my educational experience was not only academic but practical.”
--Jeff Richter, Fitness and Health Promotion ’10

“It was privilege to intern for the Birmingham Athletic Partnership. It gave me a chance to give back to the city of Birmingham, and be a role model for the inner city kids.  I grew up in the Birmingham City area, and I understand what is needed for our coach and student-athletes to be successful. Because of my internship, once I complete my graduate degree, I will have the opportunity to continue working with the students in the Birmingham City School, or in the Birmingham Community.”
--DeMarcus Covington, Sport Administration ‘10

“The internship can be a life-changing experience for students to learn from professionals in their future field. Often the internship strongly confirms the student’s career choice, and occasionally the experience results in students pursuing a different career path. Both experiences are valuable for students’ future plans.”
--Dr. Alan Jung, Department Chair, Kinesiology and Nutrition Science