Student Dietetic Association

What is the SDA?

The SDA, or Student Dietetic Association, is a student-led organization which is an affiliate of the Birmingham, Alabama, and American Dietetic Associations.

Who can join?

Any Samford nutrition/dietetics major or any student interested in nutrition, health sciences, or health promotion at is welcome to join the Samford SDA.

What does the SDA do?

  • helps to keep majors informed about nutrition issues at the local, state, and national level.
  • helps students prepare to apply for dietetic internships through information, meetings, and special projects in the community associated with the Birmingham District Dietetic Association.
  • provides important opportunities for students to meet and network with dietetic professionals as they progress throughout their undergraduate education.
  • promotes nutrition and wellness on campus as well as in the community through various events and activities.

Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.
- Hippocrates

To contact us, please write:
Student Dietetic Association
Samford University
Birmingham, AL 35229