Career Opportunities

The American family has changed drastically in the past 30 years. New family forms - such as dual career families, single parent families, and stepfamilies - have created changed roles and new demands. They also have created new careers for persons with expertise in the area of Family Studies. Here are some of the new and growing career options.


Possible Career Options*

Adoption Case Worker
Community-based Social Services
Child Development Education
Elder Care Services
Family Intervention/Education
Family Law Practitioner
Government and Public Policy
Occupational and Speech Therapy
Youth/Teen Services
Child Life Specialist
* Additional education may be necessary for some careers.

NCFR: Careers in Family Science

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Employment Opportunities

Business, Consumer & Family Resources Services

Employee Assistance Specialist


Corporate Day Care Administrator


Consumer Protection Agencies


Family Financial Counseling & Planning


Family Resource Management


Food Assistance Programs


Child and Family Poverty Research


Research on Work and Families


Family Business Consultant



Community-Based Social Services

Youth Development Programs


Adoption Agencies


Foster Care Programs


Teen Pregnancy Counselor


Family Preservation Worker


Welfare Assistance for Low-Income Families


Vocational Rehabilitation & Job Training


Adult Day Care Providers


Gerontology Programs



Early Childhood Education

Day Care Centers


Head Start Programs


Montessori Schools


Child Development Consultant




Public School Teaching in Family Sciences (Certification)


University Teaching & Research in Family Science Departments


Family Life Education


Sexuality Education


Programs in Parish & Community Settings


Parent Educators


Family Peace & Justice Education


Children's Museum Education


Marriage & Family Enrichment Facilitators



Faith Based Organizations



Family Mentor


Family Life Educator


Parent Educator


Youth Worker



Family Intervention

Individual & Family Therapy


Case Manager for Family Treatment Plans


Crisis & Hotline Services


Court-Mandated Parent Education Programs


Divorce Mediation


Abuse Protection Services


Drug & Alcohol Prevention Counselors


Residential Treatment Programs


Victim/Witness Support Services



Government & Public Policy

Family Policy Analyst


Advocate/Lobbyist on Behalf of Children, Women, & Family Well-Being


Cooperative Extension Specialist


Military Family Support Services


Departments of Child & Family Services



Health Care & Family Wellness

Public Health Programs & Services


Hospital Family Support Professionals


Nutrition Education & Counseling


Prenatal and Maternity Services


Holistic Health Centers


Long-Term Care Administrator


Hospice Programs



International Education & Development

International Family Policy Analyst


Peace Corps and NGO Leadership


Global Family Planning Programs


Community & Sustainable Development


International Human Rights Advocacy


Immigration & Migrant Families Services




Grant Proposal Writing


Academic and Government-Related Research in Family Science Content Areas


Population Studies & Demographic Research


Community-Based Research for Non-Profit Family Agencies


Program Evaluation & Assessment



Writing & Communication

Curriculum & Resource Development in Family Life Education


Public Service Radio and TV Programming


Newspaper & Magazine Journalism on Social Issues Affecting Children and Families

Reprinted with permission of the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) (2004). Family Science: Professional Development and Career Opportunities