Samford University

Graduate Students

 The ELLI offers English training for graduate students who hope to be enrolled in one of Samford’s graduate programs.

 Students who are admitted to a graduate program but lack the English proficiency required for full acceptance may take courses through the ELLI until the English requirement has been satisfied. 

 These courses include Writing, Listening/Speaking, and Content Tutoring.  

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Upon arriving at Samford, students will be assessed by the ELLI instructors for oral and written English proficieny and then will be placed in a class level of the English Bridge program.  


Progression Requirements 

 Students may progress through the program and into full-time graduate study by completing Level 4 classes of the ELLI Bridge program with a score of 85% or above.  


Graduate Program Requirements 

  Each graduate program at Samford has different requirements for its international students.  For more information about a specific program’s requirements, please visit the website for each program, which can be found on the Samford Graduate Programs page.