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  1. I want to return home or study at another university after completing the ELLI Program.    

    Our Certificate Track provides students with a concentrated English language curriculum designed to help students develop and sharpen their English skills. Students may choose to study as full-time or part-time students.

  2. I want to study for a Bachelor's Degree at Samford University after completing the ELLI Program.

    Our Bridge Track allows international students who intend to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies at Samford to first develop their English skills by fully participating in our IEP program.

    *Students wishing to be pre-admitted to Samford University should also contact  Hunter Denson  to complete the required application process.

  3. I want to study for a Graduate Degree at Samford University but may also need ELLI Program classes.

    Our program offers language and content tutoring classes for graduate students. Students will need to apply to their graduate degree program before contacting ELLI.

     Click here to see our graduate programs*     
    (This link will direct you to a complete list of Samford University graduate programs. Select the "More Info" next to the program you are interested in to learn how to apply.)




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