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    Student Employment

    Samford University provides work opportunities for students through the two following programs: The Federal Work Study program (FWS) is need-based, as determined by the FAFSA, and the Institutional Student Employment Program (ISEP) which is not need-based.

    Getting Started+

    Find a Job

    There are two types of student employment opportunities: Federal Work Study (FWS) and Samford's Institutional Student Employment Program (ISEP).

    Federal Work Study

    Students must work with the Office of Financial Aid to determine if they qualify for the FWS program. Learn more about FWS or search open FWS positions.

    Institutional Student Employment Program

    If you do not qualify for the Federal Work Study program, you may still be able to find on-campus employment through Samford's Institutional Student Employment Program.

    Complete Student Employment Forms

    After you have found a student job, you must complete the student employment paperwork before you begin working. Bring completed forms along with appropriate documents for the I-9 form and your banking information to Human Resources. No scans, copies or faxes can be used. Human Resources staff will be available to assist you with completion of these forms but cannot give tax advice.

    Students should also bring a voided check or routing and account information from your bank if you want to participate in direct deposit.

    Obtain a Student Employment Authorization Card

    After completing all requirements for student employment, you will receive a Student Employment Authorization Card as confirmation that you are eligible to begin working. No one should allow a student to perform any type of work without seeing their card. Show this card to your supervisor and begin work.

    Federal Work Study Information+

    To view your federal work study award, earnings and balance through Banner Self-Service follow the one-time setup instructions below.

    1. Enter the Samford Portal through the SU home page.
    2. In the top left corner, select Content Layout.
    3. Click on New Channel.
    4. Under Select a category, choose Banner Channels. After making your selection, click Go.
    5. Select Student Work Study as the channel category and then click Add Channel
    6. Student Work Study will now appear as a channel on the Manage Content/Layout screen
    7. In the top left corner under the belltower, click on the wording "Back to Home Tab" and you will see the new section with your federal work study award information.
    8. If you would like to change the column in which you review the award information on your home tab, go back to the Manage Content/Layout screen and use the arrow buttons to move this information.
    9. You will now see your federal work study information each time you go to the Portal.

    Please use this information to monitor your remaining work study balance and to be aware of changes in your award.

    Federal Work Study (On-Campus)

    Students may contact employers about on‐campus jobs directly or search a list of available on campus positions with job description, job requirements and contact information. Most jobs for the fall semester will be listed by August.

    Federal Work Study (Off-Campus)

    Students who are eligible for FWS also have the option of finding employment through the FWS Community Work Service Program. This program allows students to work for a local nonprofit organization or public agency, or as a reading/math tutor for local elementary schools through the America Reads and America Counts Programs while utilizing their FWS award. Possible opportunities may be viewed on the Agency List. Students interested in working through this program should contact the Office of Financial Aid at ofa@samford.edu, (800) 888-7245 or (205) 726-2905.

  • FolderContentList True False 45097156696 _Articles/Departments/Human Resources/Student (FWS) Jobs/ Federal Work Study Positions -1 Ascending Title False If you have been awarded funds through the Federal Work‐Study program for the upcoming aid year, these funds will be paid as a paycheck for hours worked on a biweekly basis.

    Federal Work Study Positions+

  • FolderContentList True False 45097156695 _Articles/Departments/Human Resources/Student (ISEP) Jobs/ Institutional Employment Positions -1 Ascending Title False Institutional Student Employment Program positions are funded by department budgets on campus. Student earnings will be paid biweekly in the form of a check or direct deposit payable to the student.

    Institutional Employment Positions+

    Institutional Student Employment Program positions are funded by department budgets on campus. Student earnings will be paid biweekly in the form of a check or direct deposit payable to the student.

    Fall 2015

    TitlePost Date
    Athletics: Tennis Club Assistant2015-07-17
    Bookstore: Customer Service 2015-07-12
    Campus Recreation

    Spring 2015

    TitlePost Date
    Wright Center (LSW): Event Staff/Ushers2015-02-15

    Summer/Fall 2015

    TitlePost Date
    Christenberry Planetarium Assistant2015-07-13
    WVSU: Board Operator2015-05-15
    Samford University is an Equal Opportunity Educational Institution/Employer.
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    Student Employment Forms+

    Students employed by Samford University must complete the following forms and return them to the Human Resources department on the third floor of Samford Hall.

    Video Tutorial