Greek Values Project

How many people across campus are demonstrating in their day to day lives the values of scholarship, leadership, service, commitment to the community, commitment to others? Brotherhood? Sisterhood? There are a number of people who are exemplifying day to day the values which we as Greeks aspire to and we do little to nothing to uplift them. The Greek Values Project is designed to recognize in a tangible way, those people who are living daily what we aspire to represent.

What it is

Based in part on the program "Uphold the Garnett and Gold" began at Florida State University, twenty (20) of the Greek coins (displayed above) will be distributed around campus during the year. These coins are to recognize these people mentioned above, and, those who receive them throughout the year will be listed on this website.

How it will work

  • The coins will be distributed to the "first 20" and will be recorded here. Coins may be passed to anyone who is an active member of the Samford campus, students, staff, faculty, or alumni. They do not have to be Greek as long as they are exemplifying Greek Values.
  • The first 20, will then be required to "pass the coins on" to another person who has exemplified Greek Values in the first recipient's eyes. Likewise, each recipient following is obligated to continue passing it on until the end of the academic year in May. You have a maximum of 10 days to pass the coin.
  • As a recipient passes on the coin, email, tweet or facebook us who you pass it on to and we will record their names on this website and why you passed it on to them. The goal is, at the end of the academic year, to have recognized as many people as possible for living out the values and rituals of our Greek community. 
Name Samford affiliation Why they received the coin
Paige Acker   Samford Staff Demonstrated servant leadership and a generally positive attitude
Lindsey Derrick   Samford Student Demonstrated commitment to the community and academics
Melanie Pippen   Samford Student Demonstrated community leadership beyond expectations
Jhamall Wright   Samford Student Demonstrated community leadership beyond expectations
David Wilhoite        Samford Student Demonstrated, and expected community leadership beyond expectations
Kendall McPheeters        Samford Student      Demonstrated community leadership to the benefit of the whole
Harper Parkey   Samford Student      Demonstrated servant leader and generally positive attitude
Rachel Fox        Samford Student Demonstrated servant leadership
Kaitlyn Bouchillon   Samford Student Demonstrated campus leadership
Mary Kate Thomas        Samford Student       Demonstrated servant leadership