Samford University

New Full -Time Employee Orientation

As a new full-time employee, you are required to attend the first orientation after your hire date.  Please plan to spend a minimum of two hours; time will vary depending on the number of new hires and questions needed to be answered. 

Below is a powerpoint presentation you will see during your New Hire Orientation class.  Please note this is a large file and will take a few minutes to download.  

New Hire Orientation powerpoint presentation    

The date, time and place for new employee orientation may vary depending on the volume of new employees.  Please contact Human Resources (726-2390) to reserve a place.   

Please bring document(s) to complete the Federal I-9 Form (list of the acceptable documents) and the following documents/information in order for us to comply with federal regulations and Samford University Policy:

  • Your personal check that can be voided for direct deposit.
  • Your office telephone and fax number, room number and building name.