Faculty and Academic Integrity

David Smolin in Moot Courtroom

Below are a number of useful articles, discussion guides, and other resources for faculty on academic integrity issues, honor codes, and more.

Library Resource Center

The Mann Center maintains a continuously updated, online collection of resources, including teaching materials, scholarly journals, books and other useful information on ethics and ethical leadership. Located on the website of the University Library, this collection includes books and other useful resources on academic integrity.

Ethical Analysis Worksheet

This issue analysis worksheet will help students identify critical aspects of ethical problems, and come to a resolution.

About Honor Codes

A brief overview of the attributes and benefits of honor codes, with examples of honor code schools, including Knox College, the University of Maryland, the University of Miami, Gettysburg College, Loyola University Maryland, and the University of Virginia.

"A Question of Honor"

A recent article on student-driven honor initiatives.

"The Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity"

A discussion of the five fundamental values of academic integrity.

"Ten Principles of Academic Integrity for Faculty"

Ten ways that faculty members can address and prevent cheating.

"Academic Integrity: A Letter to My Students"

A student-focused letter that defines classroom integrity standards.

 "Cybercheating: A New Twist on an Old Problem"

An examination of cybercheating, with suggestions on combating it.

 "Questions College Faculty Members Should Ask"

Several parameters that faculty should consider when designing a course, with specific insights on encouraging academic integrity.

"When Academic Dishonesty Happens on Your Campus"

Specific tips on how faculty can react to a cheating problem.

"Anti-Plagiarism Strategies for Research Papers"

A summary of several ways to be aware of and prevent plagiarism.

"Plagiarism: A Good Practice Guide"

A thorough guide for the prevention of plagiarism.

"A Guide for Positive In-Class Discussion"

A simple guide for faculty to use in classroom discussions about cheating. A specific guide for professors of graduate students is also available.

"Perspectives on Plagiarism"

A resource from Saint Leo University that explores student and faculty perspectives on plagiarism.



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