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More than a dozen influential leaders share perspectives from the trenches, showing the breadth of ethical challenges facing today's leaders in a variety of industries and professional fields. Leaders on Ethics is a window into the minds of some of our most prominent leaders. A collection of speeches transcribed from original presentations, it features CEOs and other nationally known executives addressing subjects ranging from marketing with a conscience to promoting workplace diversity to dealing with the implications of globalization.

The following leaders, among others, share their experiences in facing-and facing down-ethical dilemmas and challenges: James Copeland, retired chairman and CEO of Deloitte & Touche; Debra Waller, chairman and CEO of Jockey International; Jack Ward, chairman and CEO of Russell Corporation; Deval Patrick, former executive VP, corporate secretary and general counsel of The Coca-Cola Company, former general counsel of Texaco, and now governor of Massachusetts; Karen Katen, president of Pfizer Human Health and vice chairman of Pfizer; Ed Zinbarg, retired CIO and chief administrative officer of Prudential Life Insurance Company; Steve Odland, chairman and CEO of Office Depot and chair of the corporate governance task force of Business Roundtable. Buy from Amazon.

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"These 15 high-powered contributors understand very well that the ethics of modern society has changed rapidly, as evidenced by the behavior of ordinary individuals as well as by the heads of major businesses...They urge leaders to be trustworthy, sensitive to diversity, accepting of others regardless of class or union affiliation, and capable of putting high values and ethics first."

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"By bringing together in one volume the insights of some of the most thoughtful leaders of some of America's greatest companies, John Knapp provides a valuable service to all who believe that business ethics is a fundamental driver of business success. The strong voices we encounter in this volume show a thoughtful commitment to the ethical dimensions of business leadership, they command the skills needed to make a persuasive and lively argument, and they demonstrate the courage to speak out, even when it may mean controversial critiques of their own companies or professions. This book should be read by every executive in business today both as a primer on ethical business leadership, and as a guide to action in an increasingly complex and challenging global business environment."

James C. Murphy, Ph.D., Executive Director, International Business Ethics Institute



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