Richard Carwardine

"'God's Institution' or Gross Injustice? Slavery and Religion before the Civil War"

Dr. Richard Carwardine, president of Corpus Christi College at the University of Oxford and noted Lincoln scholar, spoke at Samford on February 18th and 19th, 2013. On Monday evening, he joined a panel of Samford faculty to discuss how religion helped shape America before the Civil War, with a special focus on Christian perspectives on the injustices of slavery. Panelists included Dr. John Mayfield (History), Dr. Joe Scrivner (Religion), and Dr. Jason Wallace (History). Dr. John Knapp served as moderator. The Samford University Library presented a special display of historical artifacts from the Antebellum time period during the reception.

"Abraham Lincoln and the Challenge of Emancipation"

The following day, Dr. Carwardine presented the 2013 A. Gerow Hodges Lecture in Ethics and Leadership, to an audience of around 700 in Reid Chapel. He focused on the moral issues that Lincoln faced, and his ability to lead during the turbulence of the Civil War.

Dr. Richard Carwardine and Dr. John MayfieldArtifacts from the Samford Library Special CollectionDr. Richard Carwardine and Mrs. Mary Louise HodgesDr. Richard Carwardine speaks with a studentFebruary 18th panel discussion in Bolding Studio
Dr. Joe Scrivner, Dr. Jason Wallace, Dr. Richard Carwardine, Dr. John Mayfield, and Dr. John KnappDr. Jason Wallace, Dr. Richard Carwardine, and Dr. John MayfieldDr. Richard Carwardine delivers the 2013 Hodges Lecture in Reid Chapel

Before Monday night's program, Dr. John Knapp spoke with Dr. Carwardine about the enduring influence of Abraham Lincoln. Similar interviews with other thought leaders are available here.



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