Past Events 2009

Header Pics 2009

Sex at Samford

A three-part series for students addressed pornography, date rape, sexually transmitted diseases and other issues through panel presentations and discussions involving more than 400 students (Homewood, AL).

"Where Do You Fit in the Diversity Picture?"

A presentation by Mr. Jerome Miller, Vice President for Diversity and Social Responsibility, Toyota USA (Homewood, AL). See photos and video.

"Women's Leadership: An Invitational Approach"

A presentation by Dr. Betty Siegel, President Emeritus of Kennesaw State University (Homewood, AL). See video.

"Leadership and the Deficit of Public Trust"

A program for New Horizons at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (Birmingham, AL).

"Freedom of Expression in Cyberspace: Who Should Decide What You Publish?"

A student-faculty forum on the rights and responsibilities of those who post to web sites, social networking pages, blogs or other electronic communications (Homewood, AL).

El Paso Corp. (Southern Natural Gas)

A presentation to employees on building a great place to work (Birmingham, AL).

Episcopal Church of the Holy Apostles

A presentation on connecting faith and work (Hoover, AL).

Homewood Rotary Club

A presentation on the work of the Mann Center (Homewood, AL).

Samford Business Network

A presentation on leadership and ethics in today's business climate (Birmingham, AL).

"Money Lending in the 21st Century: A Christian Ethical Perspective"

A presentation by Dr. Cameron Murchison, dean of faculty at Columbia Theological Seminary (Homewood, AL).

"Leadership in an Era of Declining Trust"

A presentation by Dr. John Knapp at a conference of the National Council for Women in Cairo, Egypt. The conference, "Women, Leadership and Social Justice," was hosted by Egypt's former First Lady Suzanne Mubarak (Cairo, Egypt). See photos.

"Seven Revolutions: How Your World Will Change by 2025"

A presentation by Erik Peterson, Senior Vice President and Scheyer Chair in Global Analysis at the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Strategic Studies. He is also director of the Center's Global Strategy Institute (Homewood, AL). See photos.

Shades Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club

A presentation on ethics in today's society (Birmingham, AL).

2009 Health Ethics and Law (HEAL) Conference at Samford

A presentation by Dr. John Knapp on "Self-Deception, Medical Practice and the Eclipse of Spirituality" (Homewood, AL). See photos.

South Highland Presbyterian Church

A presentation on faith, ethics and vocational life (Birmingham, AL).

Shades Valley Rotary Club

A presentation on ethics in today's society (Birmingham, AL).

Shades Valley Presbyterian Church

A presentation on faith, ethics and vocational life (Homewood, AL).

Alabama CFA Society

A presentation on the "2008 National Survey of CEOs on Business Ethics," and a discussion of issues relevant to financial markets (Birmingham, AL).

Presbyterian Global Fellowship

A conference session entitled "How the Church Fails Businesspeople (and What Can Be Done About It)" (Long Beach, CA).

Insurance Accounting and Systems Association

A conference keynote speech and opening session on "The Ethics of Leadership in the 21st Century" (Atlanta, GA).



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