NCAA Tournament 2011

This is the big time

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I experienced the NCAA basketball championship tournament at another institution 15 years ago, and i'd forgotten what a great job the
NCAA does in hosting a championship event. Lots of attention to detail with lots of meetings, signs and printed instructions to help you navigate your way through the tournament. Most people only see the action on the floor and aren't away of the hundreds of people and manhours necessary to make it all happen.

The folks here at Auburn also have been very gracious and helpful with information and other assistance. Just met a nice young man who is a senior at Auburn High School but is a volunteer in the media room. He wants to go into athletics administration some day. What a great experience for him. His dad attended Samford, and I'm trying to convince him that Samford would be a better choice.

Security is tight, as I'm sure it is at all the venues. All bags are being checked at entrances.

Samford fans will be sitting in sections H and G, directly across from the team bench. The pep band will be sitting on the floor near the Samford section. The Samford sports network crew will be set up directly across from the team bench and next to the ESPN announcing crew. If the camera angles are any indication, the Samford team bench will be on the left on the screen.

This definitely is the big time!


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