NCAA Tournament 2011

It's practice time

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The team has started its first tournament practice. They arrived at Auburn Arena about an hour ago and got set up in their locker room.

The arena is not quite double the size of Samford's Pete Hanna Center, but it is odd to see our team in this big space. They've played in big arenas, though, so it shouldn't be a problem for them.

Mike Grace is getting some video footage for future use, and Caroline Summers is doing the same with photographs. They were able to get permission to be in the arena for the full practice, and it will be great in years to come to have those visual memories of this weekend.

The ESPN crew is observing practice . . . I assume so they can talk in intelligently about the team during the game telecast.

The team has a 90-minute practice slot today. Florida State practiced just prior to our practice. The ladies seem loose and focused, if that makes sense.

The team will have a brief shoot-around Sunday morning before the game.



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