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Samford in the News – Weeks of March 18 and 25, 2013

Posted on 2013-04-01 by Chandra Splond (205) 726-4560

Ross Comments on Law Billing 

After emails discussing client billing emerged ina court filing, William G. Ross, a Cumberland School of Law professor whospecializes in billing ethics said, “Of course, most lawyers are ethical, butthe billable hour creates perverse incentives” in an article published in the New York Times.


EvansSpeaks about Airport Negligence 

With the recent death of 10-year-old Luke Bresettein the Birmingham, Ala., airport, the question of airport negligence has beenraised. Jill Evans, Cumberland School of Law faculty member, said in a story distributed through that to get around Alabama's airport authorityimmunity law a plaintiff would have to show gross negligence or wantonness onthe part of the authority or its employees, not just simple negligence. “There are certainly avenues for a challenge," she said.


DeBowShares Thoughts on Texas Judicial Elections 

In Texas, judicial elections that often involvelarge donations from law firms and other groups are common. Michael DeBow, a Cumberland School of Law faculty member who has studied the merits of various systems forselecting judges, told the Texas Tribune the same law firms that currently donate would continue to dominate theselection process in a secretive game of “inside baseball.”  “My gut feeling is, better the devil youknow,” DeBow said.


HartzogBelieves Cybersecurity Is Still an Issue 

Leaked photos of Hollywood celebrities show theinternet cloud is still vulnerable. Woodrow Hartzog, Cumberland Law School professor who researches digital security and social media tells, "It is still a significant issue. These kinds of attacks can ruin peopleimmediately."


Carroll Discusses Gay Marriage and Airport Tragedy 

The U.S. SupremeCourt wrapped up two days of hearing arguments surrounding cases involvingsame-sex marriage and former federal judge and Cumberland School of Law DeanJohn Carroll was featured on the Birmingham Fox with his thoughts about theSupreme Court cases and the recent Birmingham airport tragedy that resulted in thedeath of 10-year-old Luke Bresette. “If [the judges] choose to rule broadly,then that would mean that every state in the Union would have to recognize theunion of gay people as a marriage,” Carroll explained in response to a reporter’s question.


Samford Student Organizes Down Syndrome Fundraiser 

Samford Universityjunior Lindy Williamson generated local media interest for a recent fundraisingevent to support the Adult Down Syndrome Clinic at the University ofAlabama-Birmingham. She has a brother affected by Down syndrome, which was partof her motivation for organizing Dance for Downs. “This will be the perfectopportunity to educate people and teach them that those with special needs arepeople just like us,” Williams said. “We are all slow in some way, but we allhave the same needs and wants.”


Samford Student Protests Local Clinic 

A Birmingham clinic that is under investigationfor possibly being an abortion clinic has become the focus of severalgroups, including Samford students. “We swear, that as college students, and asthe pro-life generation, that we will not rest until this clinic is shut downfor good and the safety of women and children is once again protected,” said GarrettVande Kamp, a member of Samford’s Students for Life organization in a story aired by Birmingham’s CBS affiliate.


Around-up of selected Samford University references in news outlets around thenation. It is compiled by the Office of Marketing and Communication from theuniversity's media tracking service and may not be a comprehensive list.

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